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Friday, March 1, 2013

Rear Window

Rear Window,
Alfred Hitchcock (1954)

Viewing Questions

1.       How does Hitchcock show us this is a film about voyeurism? Think about the way the camera moves to highlight this. 

2.        What does this opening day’s viewing suggest about the difference between sight and insight?

3.       Think about the two leading actors in the film:  Jimmy Stewart (Jeffries) and Grace Kelly (Liza).  How do their looks affect your judgment as a viewer?  Have the standards of physical beauty of changed for leading ladies?  For leading men?

4.       How is Jeffries and this whole film a metaphor for the movies?
5.       Consider side characters – Stella, Lieutenant Doyle, the other tenants.  What do they add to the story?  Do their lives mirror the plot in any way?  How does Hitchcock manage the pacing of the film?  Given the constraints of the location and the immobility of Jeffries , how does the director negotiate the suspense from beginning to end? 

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